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What We Do

We work alongside communities to cultivate health and wellness — especially for the vulnerable.


We are making a lasting impact through our



Health & Sanitation

Food Accessibility

Academic Retention & Success

Gender Equity


Each initiative receives Tax-deductible Donations year-round, as each addresses a social issue that impacts the Village, daily.

Our Mission

Empower women, families, Africans and people of African descent, shifting the trajectory of life through innovative, culturally responsive mental health services and promoting overall emotional, psychological, and physical wellbeing

through psychoeducation, supporting academic achievement, addressing food scarcity and advocating gender equity.

Our Mission

Our Vision

City2Village purposefully engages and nurtures the community through a holistic and communal lens. We foster individual and community connections by reflecting a well-established cultural history of healthy interdependence.

The Vision is to actualize the fortification and unification of society through efficacious metal health and physical health services, addressing stigma and expanding community partnerships.

"The expanse of my family, my neighbors, my community, extends from California to Georgia, across the Atlantic ocean

to Nigeria, West Africa"

- Dr. Nyiema Carter-Eme
Our Process Anchor


Community Psychoeducation

  • Consultation

  • Seminars & Trainings

  • Program Development


  • Health & Hygiene Projects

  • Food Distribution

  • Continuity of Families led by Widows

  • Academic Scholarships

  • School Partnerships

  • Gender Equity


WELLNESS :: The OTHER Side of Mental Health

- Dr. Nyiema Carter-Eme

Your support changes lives!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is C2Vii a government-approved non-profit? 

City2Village International Initiative is a federally recognized 501(c)3 organization.


How can I donate?

One-time or Recurrent Contributions can be submitted through any DONATE Button, or Checks can be sent in the name of City2Village International Initiative to 335 E. Albertoni St., Suite 200-722, Carson, CA 90746. C2V Welcomes monetary contributions in any amount.


Where do my financial contributions go?

ALL Donations are directly applied to C2V Initiatives.

How can I set up a C2Vii Donor Box?

Donors set up boxes in their offices, at their churches, in hair salons, barbershops, etcetera, from July 1st through July 31st every year. They serve as local drop-offs for those interested in donating and continually introduce potential donors to the projects and activities. Items are collected on a regular basis, inventoried, and indicated on the website for donors' review. No donation is too small. For help setting up a dropbox at a community location of your choice, send us a note and we would be happy to provide further details. 


What type of soap should be supplied?

Due to the transportation needs of the soap, ONLY bar or dry soap is desired. Avoid liquids, creams, foams, pumps, or gels of any kind. We humbly request that Donors avoid liquids, creams, pumps, foams, gels, and sprays of any kind as they are susceptible to leakage.


Are there specific brands that are desired for donation? 

Initially, brand names such as Dove and Cottonelle (hygiene wipes) were suggested because they are believed to contain less harsh chemicals, decreasing the likelihood of adverse skin reactions. Now, we recognize that brand names that have been introduced to the market were created with sustainability and mild ingredients in mind. Although this is our preference, we welcome all donations of any brand. 


What size is needed for hygienic donations?

Full Size and family size hygiene items are requested because we are supporting families and we want to ensure even distribution of items. We want to ensure even distribution of items and provide quantities that will prove beneficial for our sisters and families in Abiriba. (See specified sizes).


How can I donate food?

All food items are sourced and distributed on a monthly and quarterly basis sourced in Nigeria. These items are supplied through donations to C2V and then purchased, packed, and distributed in Nigeria. To support this ongoing effort to increase food accessibility through monetary contributions please donate here.


When are items shipped?

The items shipped have a long journey traveling by truck and sea. For this reason, items are shipped during the first week of August to ensure on-time arrival. It takes three months for goods to travel from Los Angeles to Abiriba.  


How is distribution done?

Distribution events are facilitated by Dr. Carter-Eme and C2V volunteers. Items are gifted hand-to-hand, on-site in the beautiful village of Abiriba, in Nigeria. 


How are donations applied?

All donations, rather tangible or financial, are directly applied to C2V projects. Currently, administrative costs such as marketing, website maintenance, etc. are covered by the Founder. 

FAQ Anchor

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