Within The SisterCircles of Wellness, there's always space for You

validation and wholeness are experienced ...

nurturance soothes, strength emerges ... 

history and resources, intertwine with hope and healing ...

clarity and rejuvenation blossom like a flower, radiant in color!

Purple Tulips

Infinite Possibilities

of Self-discovery

and Growth

Wind Turbines
Traditional Spices
Green Goodness
Golden Gate Park
Golden Gate Park
The Perfect Vegan Sandwich
Green Smoothie

Women's Wellness

for Anxiety

session focuses on psychoeducation to increase understanding of anxiety and strategies to support self-regulation (emotions, physiological sensations, cognitions and behaviors)

Awareness ::

Engaging the Day through the 5 Senses can Enhance Daily Life & Mitigate Experiences of Anxiety

Red Roses In Water

Black Skin


a Gathering of

Women of African Descent

to explore, verbalize and validate ...

a safe space to speak, to cry and to feel ...


a SisterCircle of Black Skin Women

to support and be supported, navigating the maltreatment of black skin,

the illumination of social injustice and explore strategies to

build and sustain resilience while Celebrating Black Skin

Life in the

Time of COVID

we're all in the same storm,

but NOT in the same boat

Wednesday Nite Huddle

Virtual space of support to validate, normalize and empower

during CoV-19. Participants explore and discuss healthy coping,

perceptions and lived experience of physical distancing,

navigating change and adjustment ... 


Gratitude and Optimism are practiced as protective factors,

creating a daily routine, safety tips and much more.

Participants benefit from Increased Social Connection,

while working towards

Increased Emotional Regulation, Decreased Anxiety

and Decreased Depressive Symptoms


Empowerment peer session offering

a nurturing environment for students to explore

individual & common experiences

associated with academic aspirations.

Retention & Success

Emphasis is placed on transition/adjustment

to new environments and/or expectations,

time management & study strategies,

stress reduction, effective communication

and work/life balance, supporting overall growth.

undergraduate :: graduate

credential :: technical


traditional :: modified

accelerated :: online


participants are able to share lived experiences and information,

and expand/fortify their support networks