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Who We Are

C2V headquarters are located domestically in Los Angles, California, and provide Mental health services that include emotional, psychological, and social well-being.


The Village of Abiriba in Abia State is the International Home of C2V, and is actively involved in enhancing lives through four sectors.  Each initiative receives Tax-deductible Donations year-round, as each addresses a social issue that impacts the Village, daily.


City2Village International Initiative (C2V)

is a federally recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit with a singular focus to Empower Members of the Community … and Our Community extends from Los Angeles, through Atlanta, across the Atlantic Ocean to Abia State, Nigeria.


C2V's International effort cultivates connection and endeavors to enrich the lives of women and families in Nigeria by providing essential hygiene items (difficult to access and costly when in arms reach), mitigating food scarcity by hosting community food distribution events, supporting academic retention, and supporting the continuity of families specifically led by widows.

Some of the most significant and rewarding personal life experiences include the ability to connect with another human being and enhance another life. This is the sole purpose of City2Village – to connect with, and enhance lives.

Dr. Carter-Eme is a licensed Clinical Psychologist dedicated to the empowerment and elevation of women, and overall enhancement of the community. She is an educator, mentor, and advocate for women, in America and Nigeria.


Dr. Nyiema OBIDIYA Carter-Eme


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International Liaison

Ms. Oko is a native of Abiriba and is committed to the education and empowerment of women. She is well known in Abiriba, and surrounding villages. She is the driving force of International Outreach & Community Awareness. She is also the on-site logistics manager for all C2V community events in Abiriba.

Core Values

Collaboration : Diversity : Empowerment
Innovation : Integrity : Sustainability
Curiosity and Continuous Learning

City2Village History

April 2022

Spring Food Distribution expanded - included Live Catfish with Live Chicken; NGO Approved - C2V Empowerment Foundation formally recognized in Nigeria

City2Village expanded Food Distribution - incorporated Live Chickens; Commissioned Amanta Latrine/Shower; 2 Volunteers traveled for Abiriba Immersion Experience

Groundbreaking for Nde'Okoroigwo Latrine/Shower 

July 2021

Filed for NGO in Nigeria

May 2020

501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status Approved by IRS

August 2018

C2V Spring Soirée Fundraiser in Los Angeles

December 2016

December 2021

September 2021