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C2V hosts an annual donation project to support the beautiful women of Abiriba in Abia State, Nigeria. The Annual Project collects tangible donations in addition to financial contributions to provide gift totes and food items. By providing these items, the lives of African Women are enriched, and we fortify their efforts to care for their families.

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MySistersKeeper is City2Village's Annual Donation Project

Receives support from individuals and organizations and remains open and grateful for opportunities to develop new partnerships. All donations are welcomed and greatly appreciated.


The donated items are daily use items, particularly to support health and feminine hygiene - for example, bar soap, sanitary napkins, toothpaste, feminine wipes, etc. Staple food items are also gifted and include rice, beans, powdered milk, chicken, fish and more, for each woman.

C2Vii annual donation project operates solely by the generosity of donors. Your consideration of this project is always, genuinely heartfelt, and needed.


In America, items that are easily accessible, are frequently considered a luxury in Abiriba and other villages, states, and countries in Africa. Sanitary pads, feminine wipes, and fluorinated toothpaste are all items that can be quite challenging to acquire in the village - and costly when accessible.

MySistersKeeper Annual Campaign is hosted during the month of July, when both tangible hygiene items and monetary contributions are received. The proceeds are distributed during our December Distribution Event in Abiriba!



Your Generosity is Greatly Appreciated!


Financial Contribution

C2V welcomes monetary contributions via cash or card. No donation is too small.

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Drop Box

Host a Box  and

Locate a Hygiene Drop-Box


Food Contribution

Donors can elect to contribute specifically to Food Items

Get Involved - Donate

Together We Create a BRIDGE

GOAL: 500 bags!

Each C2V Gift Tote includes:


  • ​2 Sanitary Pads w/wings (full-size packages)

  • 2 Hygiene Wipes (42-count or 84-count)

  • 4 Non-Liquid Bar Soaps (full-size)

  • 2 Antiperspirant Deodorant solid (2.6oz)

  • 2 Toothpastes (family size)

  • 4 Toothbrushes

  • 2 Disposable Razors

1x Feminine Tote Estimate = $30


Fluoridated toothpaste is well known to strengthen tooth enamel, keep tooth decay at bay, and promote overall oral health. This common item is not an accessible item within the Abiriba village. While fluoride toothpaste can be found in larger areas, the nearest location to Abiriba is approximately a two-hour drive, and given the opportunity rice, beans, or meat would be purchased instead because fluoride toothpaste is costly and considered a luxury item.

Also, hygiene wipes can be especially beneficial when water is scarce and out of proximity. It can be especially beneficial during a woman’s time of menstruation. Neither hygiene wipes nor sanitary pads are accessible in the village.



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