The Gift of Giving

Some of the most significant and rewarding personal life experiences include the ability to connect with another human being, and enhance another life. This is the sole purpose of City2Village – to connect with, and enhance the lives of women.


C2V's international effort cultivates connection and enrichment of women abroad by providing personal hygiene items which are both difficult to access and costly when in arms reach. In addition to personal hygiene items, the project provides 

staple food items. By providing these items, the lives of African Women are enriched, and we fortify their efforts to care for their families.

"when Women are Enhanced, the Family is Enhanced"


C2Vii Gift Tote GOAL is to include the following items ...

  • 2 Sanitary Pads w/wings (full size packages)

  • 2 Hygiene Wipes 42 or 84 count

  • 2 Bar Soaps (full size)

  • 2 Antiperspirant Deodorant solid/2.6oz

  • 2 Toothpastes (family size)

  • 2 Toothbrushes

*** Items Specific for Transport Logistics

Respectfully, we discourage liquids, gels, creams, foams, lotions 

please see FAQ's

Target Registry Button - DISABLED

Product Highlights

Reusable Tote ... the customized green bag serves as packaging for Feminine Gift, and can be utilized later to carry items/produce from the market.


Fluoridated Toothpaste …. well known to strengthen tooth enamel, keep tooth decay at bay and promote overall oral health - this common item is not an accessible item within the village. While fluoride toothpaste can be found in larger areas - the nearest location to Abiriba is approximately a 2hr drive.

Given an opportunity - rice, beans and/or meat would be purchased, as fluoride toothpaste is costly, and considered a "luxury" item.

Hygiene Wipes ... this particular item becomes especially beneficial when water is scares, when commodes are out of proximity, and always beneficial during times of menses. Neither hygiene wipes nor sanitary pads are accessible in the village.

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