The Virtuous Woman

mySistersKeeper Annual Donation Event

C2Vii hosts an annual donation project to support the Beautiful Women of Abiriba in Abia State, Nigeria. The Annual Project obtains tangible donations and financial contributions to provide 500 Feminine Gift Totes and staple food items. The donated items are daily use items, particularly to support health and feminine hygiene - for example, bar soap, sanitary napkins, toothpaste, feminine wipes, etc. Staple items include rice and beans, and the goal is to expand the project to include sardines and powdered milk for each woman. By providing these items, the lives of African Women are enriched, and we fortify their efforts to care for their families.

The City2Village Annual Donation Project receives support from individuals and organizations, and remains open and grateful for opportunities to develop new partnerships. All donations are Welcomed and Greatly Appreciated 

"when Women are Enhanced, the Family is Enhanced"

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