MOSAIC Mentoring and Empowerment

Support, Encouragement, Development, Information, Networking, Well-being and Empowerment ...

That's What MOSAIC is All About!

Join us as we Cultivate Wholeness and Healing - Tap into Creativity and Resilience

and Pursue Growth and Achievement, personally, academically and professionally.

Grasps an opportunity to Fortify your strengths and Enhance your life

within the Comfort and Support of a Sister Circle!

Multi-cultural, Multi-faith, Multi-talented, CONFIDENT WOMEN

Supporting each other on Life's Journey

The Sisterhood of MOSAIC

Academic Excellence

discussion & support regarding

bachelor, masters & doctorate programs

the art of writing

research, etc.

Professional Development

discussion & support regarding

certificates & specializations

workshops, trainings & conferences

professional organizations

prevalent social/community issues

national initiatives

guests speakers, etc.


mind, body & spirit

health & nutrition

restore, refresh, revive

power words

esteem & efficacy