Mosaic Healing - Community of Support


Imagining Life as a MOSAIC - the belief is, Life can be a Beautiful Mosaic!

adversity and achievement ... putting the pieces of life together to create a

Beautiful MOSAIC

MoHe Com embraces women to support, empower and advocate for healthy living.

We emphasize emotional and psychological well-being,

with an understanding and respect for the connection between mind, body and spirit.  Women are engaged emotionally and intellectually to promote overall healthier functioning and encouraged towards their highest potential.

Academic Excellence

Professional Development


Clarity, Healing and Rejuvenation

Healthy Coping Strategies

among other areas of growth and development

MoHe Com currently offers the following opportunities to

fortify daily life and cultivate future


Mentoring and Empowerment

Trainings and Workshops for Agencies/Organizations

Support Groups

on the horizon ...

Supportive & Therapeutic



(post incarceration)


Life Transitions

Domestic Violence

anticipated - Spring 2018