Frequently Asked Questions about the Annual Project ...

Bar Soap vs’ Liquids, Gels and Creams … and any other forms of liquids … The Donations have a pretty long journey ahead – so in an effort to prevent “spills” we request Bar Soaps and discourage liquids, creams, gels, foams, pumps, sprays and/or lotions.


Brand Names … Initially, brand names such as Dove (deodorant) and Cottonelle (hygiene wipes), were suggested because they're believed to contain less potentially harsh chemicals, decreasing the likelihood of adverse skin reactions. Some brand names are newly introduced to the women, and the effort was to decrease the likelihood of reactions - but, be assured ... C2Vii WELCOMES ALL DONATIONS!!!


Indicated SIZES … you've likely noticed – Full Size, Family Size, Ounces and/or Counts - indicated with requested donation items. This is done to differentiate “travel size” – we want to ensure even distribution of items, and provide quantities which will prove beneficial for our Sisters in Abiriba. Specified sizes also support shipping logistics.


Transport Logistics … listed donation items are specific to support logistics of transport to the village.

Rice and Beans ... just to reiterate, these items will be purchased and packed for distribution in Nigeria.

Shipping … Yes, the items have a Really Long Journey ahead.  For this reason, items will be shipped during the third week of August to ensure on-time arrival … it takes about 3 months to travel from Los Angeles to Abiriba.  They’ll first travel via Truck to the docks at the Port of Los Angeles, where the items will board a Cargo Ship …then, they'll travel across the Sea, arriving in Lagos, Nigeria. Upon arrival in Lagos, the items will again, travel by truck to their final destination – The Beautiful Village of Abiriba – Abia State, Nigeria!


Distribution … Yes, I am ALWAYS onsite, IN ABIRIBA, Actively participating in the distribution of items!


ALL Donations – tangible and financial – are directly applied to the project.  Administrative costs (i.e., marketing, website maintenance, etc) are covered by the Project Director.  NO Financial Contributions are applied to administrative cost.