C2Vii annual donation project operates solely by the generosity of donors. The '2019 Campaign was July 1st through August 3rd. Your consideration of this project is always, genuinely heartfelt, and needed.


In America, items which are easily taken for granted, are frequently considered a luxury in Abiriba and other villages, states and countries in Africa. Sanitary pads, feminine wipes, fluorinated toothpaste are all items which can be quite challenging to acquire in the village - and costly when accessible.

FACT - in the village, cellular phones are accessible - sanitary napkins, hygiene wipes and fluorinated toothpaste, are not.

Your support of this worthy project promotes health and hygiene, and provides immeasurable validation of Womanhood ... Your Generosity is Greatly Appreciated!

Dove Bar Soap
Health & Hygiene
Vaseline, Cottonelle, Dove
Sisterhood Abounds
Soothing Powder
Bells of Generosity
Surprise Donation
Cottonelle & Crest
Sisterly Love
Sanitary & Powder
Donation from San Diego, CA
Drop-off Event
Pack & Sort
Sort & Pack
GoFundMe Button - DISABLED
Financial Contribution

C2Vii Welcomes monetary contributions in any amount.  Contributions can be submitted via cash or credit card. 

No donation is too small.

Feminine Tote = $28

Rice & Bean Contribution
Drop Box

C2Vii has identified a specific quantity of rice and beans for distribution; 20-50lb Bags of Rice and 20-50lb Bags  of Beans.


The items are distributed in gallon size Ziploc bags ...   The Goal is for each woman to receive one bag of rice and one bag of beans. 


Donors have the option of contributing specifically to this objective. The Rice & Beans are purchased and individually bagged in Nigeria one to two weeks prior to the December event (depending on our arrival)

There are multiple Drop Box Locations ... for example, Donors set-up boxes in their offices, at their churches, in hair salons, etc. They serve as local drop-off's for those interested in donating, and continually introduce potential donors to the project. Items are collected on a regular basis, inventoried, and indicated on the website for donors review.

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