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Around the globe, Women encounter Gender Inequity embedded in cultural and societal systems. More often than not, these systems are intentionally designed to subjugate women.  Examples of inequity include, limiting access to education, facilitation of disparities in professional compensation, little to no protection or recourse for sexual assault, and infant life expectancy (mortality).  These are merely a few examples of gender inequity operationalized to perpetuate oppression, abuse and neglect of women and girls, leading to lasting effects on physical health, emotional and psychological wellbeing, academic achievement, and overall economic trajectory.


EMBRACE Widows Endowment seeks to address gender inequity which strips wives of housing and personal possessions after the passing of their husbands.  Without provocation, and at times, in the face of unsubstantiated allegations, women have no protection nor recourse with local or traditional governments. These wives, their children and older family members residing in the household are pillaged and left, destitute.

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