Los Angeles, California

is the Domestic Home of City2Village.

The emphasis is Increased Awareness, Academic Achievement, Emotional and Psychological Wellness, Empowerment and overall Healthier Functioning of Women.

C2Vii offers Wellness Sessions to empower women, enhancing their lives and their ability to address personal, professional, academic and pervasive social issues.

The Global SisterCircle



The Village of Abiriba, located in Abia State, Nigeria

is the International Home of City2Village. 

The emphasis is Feminine Health

and Hygiene, and Gender Equity.

In '2016, C2Vii hosted it's inaugural

mySistersKeeper Donation Event,

and has continued annually during the month of December.

In Spring '2021, C2V launched EMBRACE, an Endowment and Initiative for widows. Embrace will provide tangible resources for widows and endeavor to effect

systemic change for Gender Equity.

The Global SisterCircle